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Surveillance Technology Options in Atlanta, Georgia

Security technology is robust and wide-ranging. There are plenty of technology options available to your business when it comes to finding the right solution. Alex Security leverages the complete scope of commercial security systems in Atlanta, GA to build a system around your needs. Some of the many products we use include:

  • Access control systems: Implementing an ID badge or codified access system in your facilities is a great way to broadly restrict access. We’ll help you determine your need for such a system, install and program it, and make sure it works as intended, bringing both security and accessibility to your facilities.
  • Intrusion detection systems: When there’s a break in or unauthorized access, you need to know about it. We offer intrusion detection systems, for immediate notification. Our systems can detect movement, door penetration, noise and more, giving you another line of defense against unwanted access.
  • Video surveillance systems: We handle video surveillance installation in Atlanta, GA at any scale—from a few well-positioned cameras to entire CCTV systems. Let us help you keep an eye on everything! We also coordinate video backups, live feeds and off-site access to surveillance, for a robust monitoring solution.
  • Fire and life safety systems: These critical systems offer essential security and early-warning capabilities. They’re essential in healthcare facilities, industrial complexes, educational institutions and many more. Let us outfit your building with the essential safety systems it needs to stay up-to-code and in compliance with health and safety standards.
  • Communication systems: Intercom, loudspeaker and PA systems are an integral part of building notification and security systems. Overhead paging is a staple in healthcare facilities, educational institutions, commercial facilities and more.
  • Security doors and gates: We offer keyless entry gates and security doors, created for your unique application. Whether you’re protecting a server room, controlling access to a private drive or restricting a sensitive area, our metal or glass doors are state-of-the-art, impregnable installations.

From lock-and-key systems, to extensive access control, to CCTV systems and much more, we weave a tapestry of modern technologies together to create reliable building security.

Contact Alex Security today at 678-341-9451 and let us introduce you to technology solutions that keep you safe.

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Our cloud-based solutions and managed service offerings run the gamut from basic hosted IP surveillance all the way to complete SOC virtualization – and everything in between.

We provide a range of options for systems architecture, Quality of Service (QoS), resiliency and scalability for access control, video surveillance, interactive services, intrusion detection and building systems monitoring.

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