Religious Institution Access in Atlanta, Georgia

When you think of commercial security, you typically will think about businesses like government organizations, hospitals, or warehouses. These are not the only types of organizations that face security threats, and DH Security Solutions recognizes that. We also work to protect religious organizations, along with clubs and other associations. We identify risks that similar organizations face and develop a security solution that will be most effective.

We offer a wide variety of security technologies such as intrusion detection, access control, intercom systems, video surveillance systems, and fire and life safety solutions. These systems help you enhance your security efforts. These systems are easy to manage and allow increased visibility into activities that occur on and outside of the establishment.

You can receive alerts and perform live video look-ins from any web-enabled device using our remote management tools at any time of day or night. Your mind can be at ease knowing that your facilities are protected whether you are present or not with the help of our around-the-clock alarms and video monitoring.


Video Monitoring Systems- Our CCTV (closed-circuit-television) is a system which the video signals are transmitted from one or more cameras by cable to restricted monitors. This means that you are able to watch in real time what is taking place on your premises. Video Monitoring Systems are also an easily managed security function that can guarantee the safety of those in your religious institution. Technology like this aids in reducing risks like theft and suspicious activity. Just the sight of a video camera is sometimes enough to stop a wrongdoer in their tracks.

Access Control and Badging- Badging is a highly effective way to monitor who is on the premises. It is an easy way to quickly identify if someone has the credentials to be in a certain area dealing with a particular task. Access Control can also aid in preventing those who do not have authority to come in contact with a specified area.

Burglar Alarms and Fire Alarms- With NICET-certified technicians, we can provide complete turn-key fire alarm system design, installation, service, test and inspection, and monitoring solutions to meet your Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Detection in Atlanta needs. It is important to provide you, your employees, and visitors a safe place to carry out business.

Intrusion and Perimeter Protection- Perimeter protection solutions are used to secure property boundaries and manage presence in and out of an establishment, while allowing easy access for accredited personnel and visitors. Having the information of who is on the premises holds high value in the event of an emergency.

Intercoms and Overhead Paging- To allow you to work in the most efficient way possible, DH Security Solutions offers intercoms and overhead paging technology. This allows you to communicate to those within your organization with ease and convenience.

Emergency Notification Systems- Have everyone on your premise be informed of any emergencies and what to do in a short time. In the event of an emergency, time is of the essence, it is important to have a trusted system to communicate efficiently. Our mass notification solutions inform emergency dispatch operators of an emergency which informs them to contact the individuals that may be affected instantly with live or pre-recorded information. These systems allow you to react quickly to events with Mass Notification Emergency Communications (MNEC) broadcasts, identification of escape routes and control of access doors and egress routes, while monitoring emergency evacuations.

Locks and Door Hardware-  DH Security Solutions offers a variety of locks that are guaranteed to meet the needs of your business. These locks consist of high-security mortise locks, cylindrical locks, deadbolts, electromechanical locks, keypad locks, and interchangeable core security for use in heavy-, medium-, and light-duty commercial applications.

Positioning and Tracking Systems- With DH Security systems, you can be confident that your establishment and its assets are safe from theft and tampering.

Security Portals / Consoles and Cabinetry / Automatic Turnstiles and Bollards / Monitoring Services / Personal Alarms

DH Security Solutions is a market leader in access control Atlanta, ID Badges, alarm & monitoring, and provides security services for the commercial, education, financial, government, manufacturing and healthcare industries. We maintain in-depth knowledge of each client’s business operations, operating parameters, and customer relations. At DH Security Solutions we believe that having capable and engaged professionals who really care about our customers is imperative to providing the service excellence that we believe is lacking in today’s industry.

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DH Security Solutions is known for protecting all types of businesses and government facilities. But we also work with religious organizations, as well as clubs and associations of all types, providing security for a wide variety of facilities. No matter what type of organization you manage, we can show you the risks facing similar organizations, and help you devise security solutions to dramatically reduce those risks.

Our comprehensive suite of technologies employ intrusion detection, access control, visitor management and intercom systems, video surveillance systems and fire and life safety solutions to help you streamline and enhance security operations. This results in easy-to-manage security solutions that provide increased visibility into activities occurring inside and outside of your facilities.

These solutions can help protect your people and facilities from everyday threats like vandalism and theft, as well as worst-case scenarios like armed intruders or fire.

Our remote management tools allow you to receive alerts and perform live video look-ins from any web-enabled device, wherever you are, at any time of the day or night. And with our around-the-clock alarms and video monitoring, you can rest assured that your facilities are protected whether personnel are present or not.

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• Access Control and Badging
• Burglar Alarms and Fire Alarms
• Intrusion and Perimeter Protection
• Intercoms and Overhead Paging
• Emergency Notification Systems
• Locks and Door Hardware
• Personal Alarms
• Positioning and Tracking Systems
• Security Portals
• Consoles and Cabinetry
• Automatic Turnstiles and Bollards
• Monitoring Services