Video Surveillance & CCTV in Atlanta, Georgia

Video Surveillance Camera Systems can be effective in preventing crime and providing valuable insight and documentation for businesses. As a leading provider of security solutions for businesses, DH Security Solutions can install an effective video surveillance system that provides visibility over your entire business or property to keep your organization and employees secure. In addition, video surveillance systems or CCTV provide records of key events for security and legal purposes. We install wired or wireless IP cameras, monitors, and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) from many of the top companies in the industry, which ensures that our clients’ satisfaction and make sure we meet their facilities’ unique video surveillance needs.

DH Security Solutions is your trusted professional when it comes to picking the right video surveillance for your business. Our CCTV and video camera systems are always up-to-date with the latest technological advances and developments in the field of video security. We cover all aspects of video surveillance and make sure that your monitoring system is working correctly and efficiently. Our video surveillance service allows us to design, install and provide maintenance for whichever system you decide to get.

Our CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a system which the video signals are transmitted from one or more cameras by cable to restricted monitors. This means that you are able to watch in real time what is taking place on your premises.

Don’t know if video surveillance is right for your company? At DH Security Solutions we believe that video surveillance is right for all organizations, small and large. Video Surveillance is a great tool to monitor the unethical practices of theft, vandalism, and intrusion, and are limit premise liability. Video surveillance can also capture valuable information and insights that could be crucial to your company and can improve practices and operations of all those entering your workspace. Video surveillance has been know to resolve workplace disputes, end workplace harassment, and improve customer shopping experiences. These systems are put into play to better benefit you and your employees and empower a safe and ethical work environment.

Our state-of-the-art system is fully advanced in the latest tools and software to make sure you get the most out of your video surveillance system. Our main security services include the following:

    • Video surveillance
    • Video Management Systems / Software
    • DVR (Digital Video Recorders)
    • Video Analytics
    • Video Cameras Atlanta / IP Cameras
    • Video Monitors
  • Wireless Networking

From the smallest video surveillance cameras to the most robust HD systems. DH Security Solutions offers a complete spectrum of video cameras, along with the expertise to put the right cameras in the right places to address all of your video security needs. With cameras suited for every type of environment, we provide solutions tailored to your unique operations.

DH Security Solutions wants to offer the best solution for you for your individual need. Each business has unique video surveillance services that differentiate them from the rest. With that stated, we want to work WITH you and figure out the most appropriate solution for your need. Our systems are affordable and your video surveillance system will cater to you and your organization. Our video surveillance service is here to better your understanding of the service we provide and make sure you understand the ins-and-outs of your system. We want to educate you on what you are purchasing and better your buying decision.

No matter what the size of your company, we are able to fully equip you and your staff with optimal safety through our video surveillance system. Our friendly and helpful staff is here to answer all your questions about your current video surveillance service or if you would like to get a quote on a new service. Our solutions help you put the right cameras in the right places, with the ability to monitor, record and manage your video operations. These integrated solutions offer flexible and reliable management, including the ability to watch the activity on your cameras from any smartphone or tablet via an integrated app. This allows for surveillance to be conducted at all times, and to keep you on top of what is going on at your organization.

We know the importance of safety and the stringent regulations that uphold a high responsibility for your business. We believe that our system can keep your statutes and rules in play and better your organization as a whole. We know safe work environments is something you take seriously, meaning you need a trusted and professional partner to take on the role of your commercial security services.

Our video surveillance solutions are state-of-the-art and are designed to provide maximum ROI. A DH Security CCTV solution provides advanced tools to help deter theft, intrusion and vandalism, limit premise liability and capture valuable information about your business. Whether deploying a small single-camera system to help reduce theft or an enterprise-wide solution for a large campus environment, you will receive the same level of customer care and service. At DH Security Solutions, our customers come first.

Our solutions include:

• Video Surveillance
• Video Management Systems/Software
• Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s)
• Video Analytics
• Video Cameras/IP Cameras
• Video Monitors
• Wireless Networking

Whenever you need us, we will be there for you