Physical Security Information in Atlanta, Georgia

Healthcare technology is important when it comes to life and death situations. Technological advances have made it possible to care for patients and loved ones when an emergency arises. Our family and loved ones are always top of mind, especially when they are elderly or unable to care for themselves properly. We understand that there are times that caregivers are not able to be there, or fully give them all of our attention. DH Security Solutions wants to offer to you a service that we provide in bettering our elderly or disabled loved ones. Our Nurse Call System is perfect for those family members previously described. We want to maintain their safety and ease your worry of mind.

Our Nurse Call System calls emergency personnel in an instant and can save your patient’s life. The installation is simple and easy to use, making education easy to understand and perfect for even the most worrisome cases. Our system is perfect for the following individuals:

    • Senior living
    • Assisted living
    • Memory care
    • HUD Housing
    • Clinics and Surgery Centers
    • Acute Care
    • Schools & Governments
    • Hospice Care
  • Workplace Safety

Our system is perfect for hospitals and organizations that best use immediate-attention cases and need appropriate planning for these cases. Wireless nurse calling can help you establishment stay on top of the most critical and advanced cases. Our system is put into play by educating you and your staff on the software behind the system. DH Security Solutions knows the importance of upholding the highest standards of safety and patient care. Whether your hospital or clinic is small or large, our system provides an affordable, wireless solution that meet your nurse call requirements. With monitoring systems and caregiver paging devices, nurses can be alerted immediately based on software alerts. These alerts can be life-changing and are ideal for every healthcare provider.

At DH Security Solutions we provide wired and wireless call software with full support and maintenance from one of our trained professionals.Our Nurse Call system includes healthcare professional and patient room devices that can be customizable to fit your organization’s unique need. With our Nurse Call system you can call us at any time to have one of our trained professionals, service technicians, or installers to check on and maintenance your devices to ensure your system is working properly and your system is providing you with ample support.  Our system can dramatically change how your organization operates and provide full safety to all patients in your care. DH Security Solutions uses some of the leading manufacturing systems when it comes to our Nurse Call Systems. We stand behind the systems that we have chosen to put on the market because we know the severity of this product. Our system is reliable, easy to integrate with other security solutions and understandable for both the patient and healthcare representative.

Innovative and technological advances turned what was once a calling system strictly between patients and nurses into a communication highway for patients, nurse, family members and other healthcare staff. Like many industries, technology is a driving force that creates easier and better work environments. DH Security Solutions is proud to deliver a security solution directed to the well-being of hospitalized patients, residents of care centers, and ultimately, healthcare professionals. At DH Security Solutions we want to find the right system for you and your unique needs. With the abundance of nurse call systems on the market today, it’s important for healthcare professionals to find the right one. Using a nurse call system tailored to your healthcare institution’s unique needs can provide your staff with powerful tools and systems to help them save lives.

DH Security Solutions is a market leader in commercial door systems, ID Badges, alarm, CCTV & monitoring, and provides security services for the commercial, education, financial, government, manufacturing and healthcare industries. We maintain in-depth knowledge of each client’s business operations, operating parameters, and customer relations. We want to make sure that your wireless nurse call system best fits your unique needs, based on your organization’s location, your industry and your assets. We believe that having capable and engaged professionals who really care about our customers is important in providing the excellent service that we believe is needed in this industry. We can cover all aspects of your security systems and are here to provide support for any system you chose. We want to keep you and your organization safe. To learn more about DH Security Solutions or to speak with a security representative, you can reach us by phone at: 855.248.0268.

A DH Security provided PSIM will allow your organization to integrate and control multiple disparate security applications and devices through one comprehensive user interface. Empower your personnel to identify and proactively resolve technology-systems related situations. All of your video, access control, sensors, analytics, networks, building systems, etc. can be integrated into a PSIM System that enables numerous organizational benefits, including increased control, improved situational awareness and management reporting. In addition, a DH Security PSIM solution will allow your organization to reduce costs through improved efficiency and to improve security through increased intelligence.

Our PSIM solution can incorporate:

• Access Control Systems
• Fire Detection
• Video Walls
• Intrusion Detection
• GIS Mapping
• Intercom
• Automated Barriers
• Building Management Systems
• Lighting Control Systems
• Power Monitoring

Whenever you need us, we will be there for you