Alarm Monitor & Intruder Detection in Atlanta, Georgia

As a modern business owner, security has to be a high ranking priority. Many business owners have alarms and other systems in play to detect intrusion, theft, and other unwarranted acts. But how good is your alarm system? And even more importantly, would you feel comfortable relying on your current system to save your life? Overlooking even the smallest breach in security can lead to life-altering altercations. Many systems only have intrusion detection at the main points of entry, such as the lobby, warehouse, and rear exit doors. This can result in criminals gaining easy access to you and your employees or your company’s assets.

Installing a dependable security system is the best and easiest way for your business to gain safety and prevent the unforeseeable acts depicted earlier. DH Security Solutions can design, install, service, and monitor effective security systems for businesses in a wide range of industries including commercial, retail, healthcare, financial, education, government, and more.

We recommend businesses having the following to prevent any intrusions:

    • Motion Detectors
    • Glass-break sensors
    • Magnetic Contacts / Magnetic Sensors
  • Electronic Security Devices

Our skilled technicians will build an Intrusion Detection security system that can detect any unauthorized attempt to access your facility. This in turn protects your property, employees, and assets. DH Security Solutions wants to service you and your organization with the highest level of security in the industry. We believe your organization should have around the clock monitoring of your building and the surrounding areas. Our Intrusion Detection System triggers a faster police response and reduces the probability of false alarms. A verified security alarm solution will trigger a silent alarm at the first sign of intrusion, before a break-in occurs. Once triggered, trained security professionals monitor the audio activity in and around the facility. If they detect sound or movement which alerts them to an intrusion, they communicate key information with law enforcement and help coordinate a timely response.

We also offer premier, video-verified intrusion solutions. Aside from a video surveillance system being a great visual deterrent, video-verified security systems allow our monitoring center specialists to confirm a break in visually, elicit a priority police response, and provide real-time information on intruder activities.

Important burglar and intrusion alarm features to consider are as follows:

    • Perimeter sensors – Stop burglars before they ever get into your business with mounted perimeter sensors and access control systems.
    • Interior and exterior motion sensors – Motion sensors are easily one of the best tools to detect an unwarranted person on your property.
    • Glass break & shock sensors – Glass break sensors and shock sensors can immediately alert you to a potential problem inside your business.
    • U.L.-Certified alarm systems (including vaults & safes) – Protect your company’s valuables with certificates and inspections for all jewelry stores, pawn stores or gun shops.
    • Panic buttons – Strategically place panic buttons throughout your business so employees have a quick and easy way to call for help.
  • Video surveillance – Install video cameras throughout your business so you know what’s going on at your company.

Other security systems DH Security Solutions can provide to you and your business in addition to your audio alarm are:

    • Critical condition sensors –
    • Fire detectors and sprinklers
    • Access control systems
  • Security Gates

By equipping your business or organization with cutting-edge alarm technology, professional security monitoring personnel, and a reliable video surveillance system, DH Security Solutions can guarantee your business will be safer and your assets more secure. It’s time to protect your company fully, including all expensive equipment, all legal documentation, and intellectual property by stopping a break-in before it happens. Installing or upgrading your existing system to become more advanced and secure, you are in turn minimizing your chances of theft and vandalism, and ensuring the security of you and your employees.

DH Security Solutions is a market leader in access control Atlanta, ID Badges, alarm, CCTV & monitoring, and provides security services for the commercial, education, financial, government, manufacturing and healthcare industries. We maintain in-depth knowledge of each client’s business operations, operating parameters, and customer relations. We want to make sure that your security system best fits your unique needs, based on your organization’s location, your industry and your assets. We believe that having capable and engaged professionals who really care about our customers is imperative to providing the service excellence that we believe is lacking in today’s industry.  We want to keep you and your organization safe. To learn more about DH Security Solutions or to speak with a security representative, you can reach us by phone at: 855.248.0268.

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DH Security provides a systematic approach to managing your organization’s assets and security budget. We offer a highly affordable solution based on a monthly flat rate to ensure predictability of costs. Our monitoring solution is designed to serve as a remote extension of your security staff. Our experienced security professionals provide the essential expertise and infrastructure your organization needs.

Our monitoring services can include:

• Round the clock monitoring and management of intrusion detection systems
• Security Software management and upgrades
• Security assessments and security audits
• Emergency Response
• On-Site Consulting
• Remote Access Control
• Remote Perimeter Monitoring
• Compliance Monitoring

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