Access Control & Management in Atlanta, Georgia

In today’s world, it simply is not enough to only have security systems at entrances and exits of the establishment and trust that they will keep out whatever threats there may be. Danger lurks within an organization as well. Whether it is an outsider or an employee trying to gain information that they are not authorized to obtain, having some form of access control can prevent situations like this from happening. Access control makes certain that the approved people can access the areas needed at the right times with minimal barriers. Having an access control system can control and monitor the number of people that have accessibility to a certain place within the facility. Keeping confidential information in a controlled environment is vital for organizations. It makes you ask yourself, “Am I doing everything possible to protect my company from threats?”

DH Security Solutions uses Internet-ready panels to connect single, multiple and remote facilities or entry points for the access control solutions. Since the solutions are web-based, there is no need for software updates and IT maintenance.

In the event of a security threat, Access Control has the capability for performing a centralized lock-down. This is to maximize the safety of everyone in the building. To magnify the security of susceptible businesses, installation of physical access control systems to prevent unauthorized people, vehicles and other threats is available. There are a number of solutions that DH Security Solutions offer:

Electronic Access Control- DH Security Solutions offers a variety of electronic access control solutions at your convenience so you can control who has access to your offices, facilities and operations with ease. Limiting who can enter restricted areas will reduce the chances of someone entering a restricted space that does not have the authorization to enter. We offer systems that provide an audit record of who was in certain areas of your facility, when, and for how long. Having records of who has entered an area and how long they stayed there can bring attention to any suspicious activity that may be occurring. Don’t wait until something happens to consider your security options.

Biometrics- This technology is easy to use, individualized, and convenient. Let us guide you to evolve from access control cards and keypads to an innovated biometrics access control solution that increases the security of your business. This can recognize a person based on biological traits, such as a fingerprint. It allows you to identify who is gaining access to specific areas in your facility. Biometrics is also more difficult to fraudulently surpass, allowing maximum security. By installing fingerprint, iris and facial identification systems, we can help you create a highly personalized security system to maximize the safety of your organization with the most advanced, secure and personalized solutions in access control.

Visitor Management- Whether your organization has frequent customers coming and going at varying times or if it is just vendors that deliver supplies, it is important to know where they have access to. Every company needs vendors of some sort or another whether it is to deliver the goods and supplies or servicing equipment. No business owner wants those vendors to wander around the facility on their own without supervision, it can not only be a security issue but a safety issue as well. With our services like electronic access control, businesses can prevent vendors and other outsiders from coming in contact with restricted areas, ensuring that they are accompanied by employees at all times when visiting the facility. Whether it is with intent or not, you do not want anyone to enter into an area that is restricted. This is for the safety of the company and the visitor.

Photo I.D. Badging- Photo I.D. Badging helps establish the identity of those who work inside the organization. This is another effort that can control who has access to specific areas. This distinguishes the person, their role, and other forms of information that will help identify the person entering a specific area.

These Access Control Systems can also be integrated with other intrusion systems that we offer at DH Security Solutions, such as fire detection systems, time and attendance systems, video surveillance systems, and any other security systems.

With decades of experience in designing and implementing Electronic Access Control systems for a wide variety of industries, DH Security Solutions has worked with advanced technologies to assure the best quality. These technologies are from leading manufacturers like Software House, EyeLock, Honeywell, Lenel, Brivo, S2, Genetec, PAC, AMAG, and others. These are installed by our highly skilled technicians to ensure your system is highly effective and easily managed. This is important to allow proper flow of people throughout your building and to allow for the security of your business, employees, and property. We pride ourselves on maintaining an in-depth knowledge of each client’s business and how it operates along with their customer relations, in order to give each client the best-tailored system.

We offer a full range of access control solutions that give the peace of mind that your facility and its occupants are safe and secure. With our access control systems, you can prevent access by unauthorized visitors and restrict access to sensitive areas of you facility.

Our Access Control Solutions include:

• Electronic Access Control
• Biometrics
• Visitor Management
• Photo I.D. Badging

In addition, our solutions are completely scalable from Single Door Access to Complete Enterprise Solution.

Whenever you need us, we will be there for you