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Security Starts at the Door. When you arrive at your office building each morning to report for work, you enter through a door. Someone, whether it is the CEO, security guard or another employee, has to unlock that door. This simple step has much more of an impact than you think.

When you ask the question: “Is this building secure?” you think of a Locked Door or the physical aspect of securing a building. But as a security integrator, DH Security Solutions understands that there is so much more to the door than simple Door hardware.

There are multiple facets of securing a building but the door is the foundation of security. During the last decade, sophisticated, intelligent technology solutions around the door opening provides customers with numerous options. DH can help you sort through these solutions to make the best decision for your security needs and budget.

DH Security Solutions offers high-security mortise locks, cylindrical locks, deadbolts, electromechanical locks, keypad locks, and interchangeable core security for use in heavy-, medium-, and light-duty commercial applications. Products are available for use with interchangeable core keying as well as key-in-knob cylinders and large-format cores.

Mortise Locksets
Solid one-piece stainless steel anti-friction latch provides 50% more surface contact with strike for superior strength and security.

Cylindrical Door Locks
Options include 5K, 6K, 7KC, 8K, and 9K cylindrical locks. Variety of handles, knobs, trims, functions, strikes, and keying options.

Tubular Deadbolts
The original interchangeable core permits instant, economical relock. High-strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Electromechanical Door Locks
Convenience and efficiency for electrified lock applications. All of the formerly separate equipment needed to control electrified access is now self-contained in a single installation.

Keypad Door Locks
Heavy-duty mechanical platform designed and manufactured for the toughest applications. Available in cylindrical, mortise, and exit device trim platforms.

Designed to exceed today's growing architectural requirements, non-handed door closers are ideal for use in heavy-, medium-, and light-duty commercial applications. Available in a variety of architectural finishes, door closers can be surface-mounted or concealed. Door closers are manufactured with an R-14 Silicon Aluminum Alloy that provides unmatched performance and durability.

• Economical Door Closers
• Commercial Door Closers
• Heavy-Duty Institutional Door Closers
• Low-Energy Operator Series

Keying Systems
One of the greatest threats to key control within your facility is the unauthorized duplication of keys. We offer high-security keying solutions which include master keyed systems, standard and patented interchangeable cores and keys, and key management software. DH Security Solutions is a dealer of Medeco and Mul-T-Lock products and can offer our customers a range of solutions from the top manufacturers in the industry.

Patented Keying Systems
Provides a significant amount of flexibility, enabling you to customize a solution that fits your unique balance between security and convenience.

Patented Cores
One design fits nearly every type of commercial locking hardware—rim cylinders, mortise cylinders, cylindrical, dead bolts, padlocks, and cabinet locks.

Key Core Control
Key and core control software that offers security, convenience, and functionality—with the added ability to operate in a network configuration.

Interchangeable Core Security
Establish highly controlled access with a customized master key plan and key control program. Ensure highly convenient access with an interchangeable core.

This comprehensive security system combines the critical elements of asset and individual protection with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, administered via a single database server for increased convenience and efficiency.

Client Workstation Bandwidth Throttling
Specialized software allows captured security images to be seen in a high-quality thumbnail view, eliminating lengthy download times.

Advanced Motion Alarm System
Alarm-based recording links high-quality real-time digital video to specific alarms. Up to 32 different video windows can be displayed simultaneously.

Visitor Management
An advanced visitor management function details visitor reporting, auditing, and visitor tracking mechanisms. All visitor transactions and movements are stored in a detailed audit trail.

Inline Encoding
Encode smart card chips with vast quantities of data including the industry-leading biometric fingerprint and retinal template. State-of-the-art, on-the-spot ID and badge creation.

Biometric Iris Verification Support
Physical access to an area can be controlled by authenticating the identity of a credential holder using their iris.

Intelligent Video Support
Advanced motion analysis and object tracking, noting the direction of movement, speed, and motion patterns. People counting, crowd monitoring, detection of abandoned or removed objects, and more.

DH Security Solutions offers a wide selection of safe and vault locks to meet your security needs:

• Mechanical Combination Locks
• Electronic Safe Locks
• Time Locks
• Key-Operated Locks
• Safe Deposit Locks