What is Building Access Control

by / Friday, 08 September 2017 / Published in Safety & Security

Securing your business by allowing secure access to authorized personnel only, is a smart way to protect your employees and property. Today, criminals and intellectual spies are brazen. They will enter facilities disguised as workers or deliverymen. Once inside, they have full reign to wander around until they find assets they can steal without detection. Having CCTV in your company is important, but with Access Control Atlanta businesses are providing a first line of defense against intruders.

Access Control is the process of securing ingress and egress at a certain location. Electronic access control can come in the form of a keypad, badge swipe, or biometric reader which is programmed to allow access only to authorized visitors. It can include a web interface that allows management to monitor and review entry and exit records. It’s a powerful tool to not only control access, but also monitor how long employees or visitors stay in a designated area.

With Electronic Access Control Atlanta businesses can monitor the flow of personnel in and out of their facility. The control panels install next to entry doors and secure areas, ensuring only authorized personnel access to the that location. Protecting your employees is key, but many companies are worried about their intellectual property. Corporate espionage is on the rise, and securing the sensitive areas of your business is key in preventing private information from leaving your facility.

There are many benefits that come with installing access control within your building. Besides preventing unwanted visitors, you can restrict access to employees as well. With Access Control Atlanta companies can track the entry and exit times of employees into a certain area. Audit and tracking data allows employers to identify who is entering into secure locations, and how long they are staying.

The majority of businesses incorporating access control panels into their security programs utilize it in conjunction with CCTV and real time recordation. This allows for easy archival and retrieval of footage of area access in case of a breach. Access control is also becoming more prevalent in smaller businesses, in order to thwart pilferage by employees or vendors.

Every company needs vendors of some sort or another to deliver the goods and supplies that keep the company running. But you don’t want those vendors running around on their own without supervision. With Electronic Access Control Atlanta businesses can prevent vendors from accessing sensitive areas, ensuring that they are accompanied with employees at all times when visiting the facility.

Designing a access control plan for the security of your facility is a process that, when coupled with the above mentioned options, can create your visual defense security strategy which will allow you to better identify authorized visitors to your facility, and discourage and thwart unwanted guests or visitors from entering your building’s surroundings.

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